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How to Clean Exercise Equipment

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Fine the best tips to clean exercise equipment in house

Most of us are pretty considerate when it comes to wiping down exercise equipment at the gym (who wants to touch someone else’s sweat, right?), but it’s also important that your home workout equipment get a good cleaning from time to time.

Gym equipment can harbor thousands of germs, including rhinoviruses, streptococcal bacteria, and others. Frequently touched items, like weights, dumbbells, and medicine balls are more likely to accumulate a buildup of body oils, lotions, and dust, which can be difficult to remove over time.

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Even yoga and exercise mats can accumulate sweat and dirt, which creates a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

You can buy a disinfectant at the store or make one at home by mixing 1 cup of white vinegar, 1/2 cup of baking soda, and 2 cups of hot water into a spray bottle. Spray your equipment down and wipe it with a clean dry cloth after each use.

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